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Join us on our 25ft. Custom Center Console Panga!  This boat can get you to the hunting grounds quickly and has the capability of moving from spot to spot to find the fish!  You will sacrifice a little bit of comfort but if you can handle it, this boat catches some serious fish and provides a very unique and special experience!

Disclaimer: I, Captain Travis acts as a booking agent and broker for the charter boats listed on this website.  I go on some of the trips but it's not always possible.  All boats on my page are here because they've earned their spot by upholding the Don Chingon Standard, I only list boats that are tournament winning, fishing legends! Don't book with some random charter boat.. Book here and find out what sets us apart from the rest!

*Photos are old, new photos with all new upgrades and features coming soon!

Year: 2018
Make: Argos Panga (Center Console)
Model: 25ft. 
Engine: 115 hp Suzuki
Max Capacity: 4 Anglers
"Captain Travis or Cesar" 

Features: | Livewell | Outriggers | Downrigger | 2 Tuna Tubes| Simrad Nav/Sonar | VHF Radio and more!

This boat is boat is the most rigged out Panga in its class in Cancun!  It is ready for hardcore offshore fishing with outriggers, downriggers, huge live-well and even 2 Tuna Tubes! However, this boat is not for the faint of heart, Its small, hard and wet! Can be uncomfortable but if you are serious about fishing and you don't care as much about creature comforts, then this is the boat for you

Quick Reference Guide

How Much Does it Cost?

4 Hours - $350 6 Hours - $475 8 Hours - $600 10 Hours - $775 * When deciding the duration of your trip, please remember that it takes about an hour to get out to the fishing grounds. Also, it can take anywhere from 5 min to 1 hour to find live bait. So if you want to increase your odds at catching fish, more time is always better.

What's Included?

We take care of all the details so that all you have to do is make the reservation and show up. Included in your basic package is: 1. Boat, Captain & Crew 2. Fishing License 3. Bait, Tackle & Fishing Rods 4. Waters, Sodas & Ice Not Included: 1. Transportation (close this dropdown box and select "Transportation" for more info... 2. Beers (add beers at checkout) 3. Lunch (add brown bag lunch at checkout)

Transportation (How to arrive)

Due to recent changes in Hotel Policies, we are no longer able to provide transportation services. All hotels have Taxi's on stand-by and ready to take you anywhere you need to go, it's very safe and easy. The meeting point for the 25ft. Panga is in Puerto Juarez, which is very near Hotel Zone and Playa/Costa Mujeres. The name of the restaurant / marina is "Pachos" Click here for Google Maps Location. Sometimes you will arrive early (if sea sick) or late to Marina and Taxi's will charge you extra. Therefore, I recommend to just get a one way transfer from hotel to Marina and then after the trip, we can help you find a taxi to get back to the hotel. * Estimated Travel Times to Temptations Resort Cancun Hotel Zone: 15-25 min Play/Costa Mujeres: 10-25 min Puerto Morelos: 35 min Riviera Maya: 45 min Playa Del Carmen: 1 hour

What To Bring (check list)

We recommend to bring as little as possible, especially on the smaller boats. If you have multiple people on the trip, please consolidate your belongings into as few bags as possible. 1. Hat 2. Sunglasses 3. Long Sleeve Polyester (quick dry) shirt 4. Dry Bag 5. Cell phone 6. Wallet (cash for paying balance and tips) *20% tips is customary for a job well done 7. Sunscreen (if you use spray sunscreen, please keep in mind wind direction and be careful to not get it all over the boat, it makes it slippery)


Some things to consider and keep in mind... 1. Motion sickness happens to about 50% of our clients... We recommend to take one dose of Dramamine before you go to sleep the night before your trip and then half a dose 30 min before you get on the boat. This will help prevent drowsiness as well as prevent you from feeling sick and having to end the trip shortly.. There are no refunds once the boat leaves the dock. 2. Don't wait last minute to book your trip! If you wait too long, you may not be able to get on the books. We fill up very quickly as most people wait 1-3 days to book before they want to fishing so, book early and get your date confirmed to avoid missing out!

What happens if there is bad weather?

Bad weather happens more often than we would like. We are in a tropical climate and the weather can be pretty wild sometimes. When making your reservation, it's always best to be flexible with your dates that you can go fishing. We may need to re-schedule your trip a day or two to ensure you go fishing in the best conditions so its not too rough, choppy and heavy winds. * If we must cancel due to bad weather, you will be refunded your deposit minus 10% to cover international wire transfer fees. * Consider going inshore fishing if the weather isnt cooperating. The Lagoon is protected and we can usually do some light tackle inshore fishing if you aren't able to go offshore.

Refund Policy

1. You can cancel your trip any-time 7 days before your trip, you will receive a refund of your deposit minus a 10% international wire transfer fee. 2. If you cancel your trip for ANY reason 6 days or less before your scheduled fishing trip date, your deposit will be witheld. 3. If we have to cancel due to weather condtions or boat issues, you will be given the option to change days or change boats. If we can't figure out a good plan to get you on the water, we will refund your deposit in full. 4. Please allow up to 7 business days to see funds in your account once the refund is processed.

When is the best time of year to come?

Our favorite time of year for fishing is May to July.. During this time we have the best chance to have good sea conditions as well as it is the time of year when we have the greatest chance of catching a wide variety of trophy fish like Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi and Tuna! Nov - March is prime Sailfish season but it is also windy season. There will be smaller windows of opportunity to get on the water. Sometimes we will need to get you on a bigger boat that can handle the rough seas. April - October is getting into the wet season as well as hurricane season. We have alot of tropical depressions in the summer time that can really put a damper on your trip. But, if its not raining, there is a good chance that the seas will be calm and will be more of a chance that we can go out in a smaller boat. Tropical depressions are good for fishing, if you can hit the water right after a good storm, this is our favorite time to fish.

Can we cook or eat the fish?

If you want to have your fish cooked for you at a restaurant, just ask the Captain to give you some fillets to take with you. There is a very "local" restaurant at the Marina that will cook your fish for you. The restaurant is called "Pachos". You can take them back to your hotel (ask your hotel first, some don't allow it) or ask the Captain where you can take your fish to be cooked. If you are staying in Hotel Zone, another option that I recommend is for you take the fillets to a place called El Fish Fritanga. Its a great water-front restaurant with good food and a great view of the Lagoon. They can prepare your fish for you any way you'd like. Just grab a taxi from the street and tell him to take you. The taxi should only cost $20-$25 bucks.

Can we ship the fish?

You can pack your fish and bring it with you to the airport however, we do not recommend this because most hotels will not freeze your fish for you. Check with your hotel ahead of time to see if this is possible... Keep in mind that if you call, sometimes the front desk will tell you yes and then when you bring your fish to the hotel, turns out, they won't freeze it for you... (it's happend before) Fish is best eaten straight out of the sea! We recommend taking your fish to a local restaurant and enjoy the experience. If you have a way to freeze your fish, you will need the folling supplies to properly freeze and pack your fish. * Airports require you to have your fish completely frozen and 100% leak proof. 1. Gallon sized Freezer-lock Ziplock bags 2. Saran-wrap (to individually wrap fillets to keep them separated and to prevent freezer burn). 3. Small-medium insulated freezer bag to put in your checked bag. 4. Freezer Gel Packs *When packing your bags for the airport, place the freezer bag in the middle of all of your clothes in your checked bag for better insulation. If you properly pack your frozen fish, the fish will stay frozen for up to 12 hours.

What kind of fish will we catch?

This is a difficult question to answer.. Fishing is called "Fishing" and not "Catching" for a reason. Some days the fish bite, sometimes they dont. We can only take a guess as to what we will catch and we take alot of factors into where we will go and what we will target. Our target species will be determined based on the previous day's fishing reports as well as what the weather conditions will allow us to do. The only thing we can guarantee is that we will be prepared for anything and do our absolute best to find and put you on the most and highest quality fish. Click here or just scroll down to see some of our targeted species and what times of year you have a chance at catching them.

Targeted Fish Species and Seasons

Sail Fish



April - Aug.

Black Grouper_edited.png

All Year



Black Fin Tuna
Blackfin Tuna.png

Feb. - Sep.


All Year

Mahi Mahi

April - Aug.

Mutton Snapper.png

All Year



Trigger Fish

All Year




* Please keep in mind on every trip, first we have to find and catch bait which could take anywhere between 5 min to 1 hour... Then we have to head offshore about 45 min - 1 hour ride... (2 hours round trip).  If you are serious about fishing and want to increase your chances... Just remember, the more time, the better!


2 Hour Trip - $175 USD
4 Hour Trip - $350 USD
6 Hour Trip - $475 USD
8 Hour Trip - $600 USD

10 Hour Trip - $800 USD

* Remember, its always good to be flexible with your dates that you want to head out on the water because sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and if you are flexible, we can always go a couple days earlier or later.  This will increase the chance of having a nice and successful day on the boat.  If the weather is looking rough, we will contact you a few days ahead of time to see about re-scheduling. 

THE #1 QUESTION we get... What is the plan and what are we going to catch?

The honest truth is that sometimes we don't know what the plan is until we start heading out and can see what the sea conditions (wind, current, waves etc.) will allow us to do.  We also base our plan on the fishing reports from the previous 2-3 days before the trip.  We are always 100% prepared for any and every type of species and style of fishing in order to increase our chance of putting you on the most and best quality fish possible.




With a recent change in hotel policy's, we are no longer able to provide transportation.  You will find here a map with detailed instructions on how to arrive to the marina. There are always available taxis standing by at all Hotels.

Travel Times

Playa/Costa Mujeres: 15 min.

Cancun Hotel Zone: 25 min.

Puerto Morelos: 30 min.

Riviera Maya: 45 min.

Playa Del Carmen: 1 hour

The Marina is located in Puerto Juarez at a Marina/Restaurant called "Pachos.  Click here for google maps location.

Zoom in &

Screen Shot For Future Reference!



Fishing and weather go hand in hand and knowing the seasonal changes helps us to not only prepare but to target the fish that are most likely to be biting.  

*High winds means rough seas and rough seas means that we made need to re-schedule or cancel your fishing trip.  What we always say is, "No news is good news".  If you don't hear from us, your fishing trip is on schedule and good to go.  If there is bad weather, we will contact you ahead of time to try and re-schedule your trip.  If we have to cancel due to bad weather, you will be refunded your deposit. It's best to stay flexible with your dates in-case we need to re-schedule.

November - April is prime time sailfish season.  We usually head about 20 miles north of Isla Mujeres and target these amazing, high action, high flying sailfish.

May -October is a good time to come if you want to increase your odds of getting out on the water and to enjoy flat seas and low winds but the downside are rain storms that can pop up out of no-where and hurricane season is late summer / early Fall.  

But don't think this is the only time to come for good fishing.  Here in Cancun we enjoy year round fishing, its just that in the summer months we have more opportunities to get offshore with good weather.  Winter time is a bit windy and rough but thats when the Sailfish are here.  However, there are some beautiful days of fishing to be had even in the windy season.  

Weather patterns can change and play havoc with even the best-laid plans. The best time to be on the water is during a drop in the barometric pressure; while that impending storm front might cause an angler without rain gear some discomfort, it can also make the fish bite like crazy. Be ready.  Also its always good to be flexible with your dates that you want to head out on the water because sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and if you are flexible, we can always go a couple days earlier or later.  This will increase the chance of having a nice and successful day on the boat.


Do not worry about getting a fishing license.  Here in Cancun the boats have the permits and Licenses that have our passengers covered.  

We highly recommend getting your day off to a good start and eating a light some breakfast at your hotel before you get picked up.  There are also some taco stands or convenience stores (OXXO) on the way to the marina that you can stop in and grab a coffee and/or other convenience store type of things.

With the number of fish you’ll be catching, you’re going to work up an appetite so pack accordingly or at time of check out, you can add *Brown Bag Lunch, *Beers Etc.... for small additional fee. Sodas and waters are included. The Brown Bag lunch is a regular ham sandwich and chips. If you have any allergies or special requests, please add it to the note section at time of checkout.



* First and foremost, if you are going on a small boat, please don't everyone each bring a full backpack, there just isn't enough room. 

Motion Sickness Remedy - Just in case, because it happens to the best of us. Especially on those long, offshore runs off the coast. We personally recommend Dramamine (the pill), Sea-Band (the wristband) or MQ (the patch placed behind the ear).

Sunblock - If you must use the spray sunscreen, PLEASE be aware of wind direction and your surroundings, the Captain and Crew do not appreciate when they get a mouth full of sunscreen also it can make the boat very oily.  Lotion is preferred on our boats but please bring some to make sure you don't go home looking like a lobster.

Hat - A necessity! A good hat will protect your eyes and face from excess sunlight as well as prevent sunburn on your neck.

​Sunglasses - Polarized if possible. A good set of sunglasses will protect your eyes and polarized ones will cut the glare coming off the water. You’ll be able to fish much easier, much quicker and you’ll look cool doing it.

Pullover, sweatshirt or rain jacket - Mornings and evenings can get chilly on the water November - February. Plan accordingly.

Rain jacket or rain gear - Weather patterns can change and play havoc with even the best-laid plans. The best time to be on the water is during a drop in the barometric pressure; while that impending storm front might cause an angler without rain gear some discomfort, it can also make the fish bite like crazy.

Sandals or Boat Shoes - We’re fishing, so we’re going to get a little wet. Wear something designed to dry quickly and provide a solid grip on a wet boat deck. If you’re wearing shoes, they need to be of the non-skid rubber soled variety.

​Bandana or Fishing Rag - Prepare to get fish slime on your hands when holding your catch for that picture. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a bandana, towel or rag to clean up with afterwards. A small bottle of hand sanitizer wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

​​Personal Dry Bag - Not required but recommended. These lightweight dry sacks have fully taped seams and a roll-top closure that provides reliable waterproof protection for your wallet, phone, keys and anything else you don’t want to get wet.  

Fishing Gear - We provide the boat, the rods/reels, the bait and the expertise. Everything else is up to you.


* Keep in mind that fishing does require patience and sometimes the fish don’t cooperate and the bite changes day to day and is completely out of our control.  We can only do our best and hope that the fish are biting!


This is your trip. You hired us and that’s something we never forget. Whether this is your first time booking a chartered trip or something you’ve done for 25 years, your satisfaction is our priority. Communication is key, so please feel free to let us know how he can make your trip a better one.

​Going offshore? Prepare to relax for a while. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to reach the prime fishing grounds (depending on the season/time of day).  Fish move based on many factors and we move with them. And our boats are blue tooth ready for you to hook your phone up to which adds just the right mood heading to and from the hot spots. Just let the DJ know your preference!

​We’ll handle the cleanup later. After arriving back at the dock, please check to make sure you have all your belongings. Please do not feel obligated to help clean up the boat. That’s our job and we’re happy to do it.

​We’ll also clean your fish. We will prepare your fish to be cooked at your hotel or restaurant of choice free of charge.  It is important to check with your hotel before departure if they will cook the fish for you.  Some will and some wont. You can always ask the Captain his recommendation as to which restaurant to take your fish to have it cooked.  

Fish Shipping

We don't recommend going through the hassle of shipping your fish back home.  Fish is best enjoyed fresh out the ocean and not frozen weeks later.  Also, the hotels will sometimes not freeze your fish or assist you in this process...

However, if you insist on taking the fish home here are the things I recommend.

Supplies Needed...  Blue Freezable Ice Packs, Gallon Freezer Lock Ziplock Bags, Saran Wrap, Duct Tape, Small Insulated bag. Instructions: Wrap fillets in Suran Wrap, put fillets in ziplock bags, remove air, duct tape the bags completely, put in bottom of insulated bag and put the blue ice packs on top of filets and put in checked baggage.  This process will prevent leaks and keep your fish frozen for several hours.