2017 25ft Argos Panga w/ 60hp Suzuki
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"La Cabrona"
2017 33ft Mimsa w/twin 200 Mercury Outboards
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Dec. 2017

4 hr. Trip

"Bubba" ($275) 

for "Family Fun"

Option (1) - Trolling around Isla Mujeres with the chance of catching Barracuda, Spanish Mackerel, Grouper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Jacks and other species.

Option (2) - Bottom fishing in about 50-200ft of water with conventional rod and reel.  Bait will be dead squid or we can jig. We will have the chance to catch Grouper, Snapper, Trigger Fish and other shallow water bottom species. 


This trip is not recommended for the serious angler. Recommended for kids and small families for a quick fun trip for all to enjoy.  

6 hr. Trip
"Bubba" ($350) 
 for "Average Angler"

Option (1) - Just like the 4 hr trip but with more time.  See details above.


Option (2) - Head out and start trolling about 8-15 miles offshore of Cancun in water depth of 100-1000ft.  We will provide rigged up Ballyhoo with skirts and troll for Sail Fish, Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Wahoo, Black Fin Tuna, Barracuda, Bonito and other species. 


Option (3) - Head straight out to deep water and use our commercial grade electric reel (LP) and fish in about 800ft of water for Huge Grouper, Tilefish, Queen Snapper, Barrel Fish, Red Snapper, Amber Jack Shark and much more. Bait will be dead squid and cut bait. 

Option (4) - Head out to about 200-350ft. of water and jig for big Amber Jack, Grouper and Snapper.

8 hr. Trip 
"Bubba" ($500) 
"Diehard Anglers"
Option (1) - Any combination of the 6 hr and 4 hr trip but with additional time to increase odds of catching some good fish. 
10 hr. Trip
"Bubba" ($600) 
for "Extreme Fish Slayers"
Option (1) - We will bring out our WMD's (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and head out further than most would even dare to go in search of the trophy Pelagics and monster bottom species and high action fishing! If you have the drive and the passion of extreme fishing, this is the trip for you! 



*All trips can be customized between fishing and Isla Mujeres boat tour,visit,beach time,snorkeling, booze cruise etc... For ex. 4 hours fising and 2 hours snorkeling or island tour etc... Pricing remains the same based on the trip booked.  

*Fishing can not be guaranteed until 3 days before trip due to weather conditions. 

*Weather is the determining factor for all trips.  Capt. has final decision for if, where, when and how long to fish to ensure safety of clients and crew.


*Occupancy is up to 4 People... (Exception) 4 Hour tours can accommodate up to 6 people but an additional $30 per person for the 5th and 6th person. 

*Lunch can be provided upon request for 6+ hr. trips and will include 1 sandwich, 1 drink and small bag of chips. 

*Water will be provided for free but all other beverages including beer, gatorade and cokes will be available for purchase on boat. 

*Catch and cook option will be available to clients staying at Mayambe Village Fishing Lodge for an additional $10 per person but there is a $30 minimum if there are only 1 or 2 clients. 

*Catch and cook option for clients that would like their fish cooked at a restaurant can use their time paid for, or pay an additonal $30 per hour plus what restaurant charges to cook their fish. 

*All reservations require 50% Deposit refundable up to 30 days before trip or refundable due to bad weather.

*Multi-day fishing/boat tours - 2 Trip Package, take 10% off total combined trip cost. 

*Multi-day fishing/boat tours - 3 Trip Package, take 20% off total combined trip cost.

*Pick up and drop off to the Marina is clients responsibility. If staying in Isla Mujeres, we can pick up and drop off at the North Beach and other arrangements can be made if you hotel as boat access. 

*Additional requirements or needs may be requested before trip and will be accommodated.