Shared Fishing Trips

We are one of the only fishing charter companies in Cancun offering shared fishing trips to folks lookin to save a buck or two by sharing the cost of a fishing trip! 

Don't book a shared trip anywhere else! Why?  You will have no idea what you are getting yourself into! You won't know who you are going with or what boat and I guarantee it will most likely be a disaster!

Captain Travis uses a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive shared trip matching system to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want and what they expect!

How Does it Work?

If you are wanting to share the cost of a fishing trip with another person or group, the first step will be to fill out the "Shared Trip Form".  After you fill out the form, Captain Travis will try and partner you up with another person or group that wants to go on a shared trip at the same date that you want to go. 

Cost For a Shared Trip

If you click on the boat that your'e interested in, you will see the cost for the boat.  For shared trips the amount you see for the boat will be the same except you will be splitting the cost with another person or group plus a $50 shared trip fee per group. For example, if a boat is $800 Dollars for 6 hours and you split the trip with another person, your cost would be $450 Dollars.  If there are multiple people in each group, the cost of the trip will be divided evenly between each person.

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Pros & Cons of Shared Fishing Charters

There are many things to consider when booking a shared fishing charter.  Please take a moment to read through and see if a shared trip is right for you.


1. Save some money by sharing the trip cost.

2. Meet new friends.


1. It can be difficult coordinating two separate groups ie. dates, times, etc...

  • We ask our shared trip groups to be as flexible as possible. There can be last min. issues with shared trip schedules so we all have to work together to make your fishing trip happen!)


2. People get sea sick!

  • Trust me when I say this, you do not want to be the guy to get seasick on a shared trip so take Dramamine (motion sickness medication) if you are not experienced out on the open sea! If you get sick, you will feel miserable and you will want nothing but to be on dry land as soon as possible!  We will not cut a trip short if you get seasick, the trip will continue for the total duration or until the other guests agree to head in.  So, be responsible, take a motion sickness remedy, this is very important for your well being and overall trip experience and out of courtesy to the other guests.

3. Fishing can be slow and its possible that everyone will not get a turn to reel in a fish!

  • We are all adults here, make a plan ahead of time with your fellow crew members and figure out who will go first, second, third etc...  I always recommend a good ole game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, just how most adults make important decisions.

Securing Your Reservation

1. Either find a trip you want to join and send a message to Captain Travis letting him know which Trip you would like to join and he will get you all set up.


2. Post a trip for others to join and when we have a good match for you, we will contact you and help finalize the reservation.


1. A Deposit will be required to secure your fishing trip.

  • Refundable - If you cancel before 7 days of trip date.

  • Refundable - Cancellations due to weather

  • Non-Refundable - If you don't show up for your trip.

  • Non-Refundable - If you cancel within 7 days of your trip for any personal reasons. (keep in mind, if you cancel your trip, the other person(s) will loose their trip as well so please try to be courteous and keep that in mind and only cancel to actual emergency's.

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July 26 - July29 (2022)

Boat: 25ft. Panga

Max Cap.: 4 People

Trip Date Range: July 26 - July 29 (2022)

Cost Per Person: (If boat is full)

4 hours - $112 US

6 hours - $144 US

8 hours - $175 US

Client Name: John Watkins

# of ppl already in this group: 1 Person

# of spots available: 3

Client Info: John is from Texas and a beginner angler looking for someone to join him for a fishing trip!


To be Determined

Let us Know if you want to post a trip for someone to Join!


# of ppl already in this group:

# of spots available:

Client Info:


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Register For a Shared Fishing Trip

Please fill out the form and we will add your trip details and we will post your trip so that others can join you!