-You booked the trip! Cleared your calendar! Even had trouble focusing at work just thinking about hooking into a monster fish and bragging about it later! But before we pull out of the marina, there are a few things to keep in mind—things that can make all the difference on your charter. - 




There are a couple of different options to get from your hotel to the Marina Hacienda del Mar. Transportation is not included in the trip price so it will be up to you to get this sorted out ahead of time or you can select the Transportaion option during checkout.

Private Service. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) I offer pick up and drop off to and from your hotel usually cheaper or same price than what the hotel taxis will charge you.  We are not in the transportation business so we do not profit with you choosing my transportation service.  Using our private service ensures that you will have the flexibility in your pick up time should we come in early or stay out later or more time to eat your catch at the Marina Restaurant.  My driver Fernando works with me daily and provides top notch service usually in a new Denali.  I call Fernando when we are heading in so that he will be there at the exact time you would like to be picked up.  At checkout, please select the "add-on" Transportation to your closest area.  


Pricing for Private Round Trip Service

* You will be able to select the options below at time of checkout, please add the name of your hotel (room number if you have it) in the NOTES section. 

Central Hotel Zone - Marina Hacienda Del Mar = $60 US

North Hotel Zone (near airport) - Marina Hacienda Del Mar = $75 US

Central Playa Mujeres Hotels - Marina Hacienda Del Mar = $55 US

South Playa Mujeres (Costa Mujeres) Hotels - Marina Hacienda Del Mar = $75 US

Riviera Maya / Paya Del Carmen - Marina Hacienda Del Mar = $110 US  


* If you aren't sure if you are in a North, South or Central area, just select your best guess and be sure to include you hotel name in the notes section and I will let you know if you selected the correct option.       

Hotel Concierge. Should you choose to arrange transportation yourself.  Only get one way to the marina. I highly recommend to not arrange the pick up service for your return to hotel.  You could end up coming in early or late and if you want to eat your catch at the marina restaurant, drivers will not wait or reschedule pick up times.

Street Taxi. The third option is to find a street taxi.  Just walk out to the street hail a taxi and ask how much the price will be to Hacienda Del Mar Marina in Puerto Juarez.  These prices will greatly vary and you never know what the price will be.  The prices I offer  


Do not worry about getting a fishing license.  We will have this all taken care of for you so that you are ready to fish!


I highly recommend getting your day off to a good start and eating some breakfast at your hotel before you get picked up.  There are also some taco stands or convenience stores (OXXO) on the way to the marina that you can stop in and grab a coffee and/or other convenience store type of things. 


With the number of fish you’ll be catching, you’re going to work up an appetite so pack accordingly. After years of trial and error, here’s what we recommend you bring: *Brown bag lunch provided for additional fee upon request, message for details. (Ham and cheese sandwich, chips and a soda)

Pringles. The solid container eliminates chips from getting crushed, wet or flying around the bow of the boat.


Fruit. Easy, healthy and Mom would approve.

Sandwich. A nice deli sandwich is great boat snack/meal and you can even reuse the box/bag for storage. 


Gatorade. A must. Even during those chilly days you’re going to work up a sweat pulling so many fish into the boat. You must stay hydrated.


Bottled Water. (Water included and provided) Another mandatory. “Water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink” isn’t just part of a poem or Iron Maiden song. It’s reality so pack plenty of it to rehydrate.


Beer. Not included but you definitely will need some for the ride back in after the fish are on ice, your arms are sore and the sun is setting. Remember that dehydration and alcohol don’t like each other, so be careful. Beer is not included but if you would like us to pick some up for you for an additional fee and have it iced down on the boat, please just let us know ahead of time and we can make sure its taken care of. Alcohol is not sold in Cancun before 9am so please let us know if you want us to have it ready for you on the boat. 



Fishing Gear.  We provide the boat, the rods/reels, the bait and the expertise. Everything else is up to you.

Sunblock. It’s a big sun and you’ll be fishing directly underneath it. That’s why we recommend sunscreen with a SPF 30 rating or more that protects against both UVB and UVA rays. Be ready to apply it several times during the day. You want to remember this trip for the fish, not the 2rd degree burns you got during it.

Bug spray (inshore). It’s Cancun, where locals swear gnats and mosquitos were invented. If the wind isn’t blowing and you don’t have bug spray, prepare to be bugged (literally).

Hat. Should almost be required along with a license. A good hat will protect your eyes and face from excess sunlight as well as prevent sunburn on your neck.

Sunglasses. Polarized if possible. A good set of sunglasses will protect your eyes and polarized ones will cut the glare coming off the water. You’ll be able to fish much easier, much quicker and you’ll look cool doing it.

Rain Jacket or Poncho. Mornings and evenings can get chilly on the water in the spring, fall and winter months.  If you book a smaller boat, be prepared to get wet! Please bring something to keep you dry and comfortable.

Rain jacket or rain gear. Weather patterns can change and play havoc with even the best-laid plans. The best time to be on the water is during a drop in the barometric pressure; while that impending storm front might cause an angler without rain gear some discomfort, it can also make the fish bite like crazy. Be ready.  Also its always good to be flexible with your dates that you want to head out on the water because sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and if you are flexible, we can always go a couple days earlier or later.  This will increase the chance of having a nice and successful day on the boat.

Sandals or Boat Shoes. We’re fishing, so we’re going to get a little wet. Wear something designed to dry quickly and provide a solid grip on a wet boat deck. If you’re wearing shoes, they need to be of the non-skid rubber soled variety.

Bandana or Fishing Rag. Prepare to get fish slime on your hands when holding your catch for that picture. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a bandana, towel or rag to clean up with afterwards. A small bottle of hand sanitizer wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Motion Sickness Remedy. Just in case, because it happens to the best of us. Especially on those long, offshore runs off the coast. We personally recommend Dramamine (the pill), Sea-Band (the wristband) or MQ (the patch placed behind the ear).

Personal Dry Bag. Not required but recommended. These lightweight dry sacks have fully taped seams and a roll-top closure that provides reliable waterproof protection for your wallet, phone, keys and anything else you don’t want to get wet.  


This is your trip. You hired us and that’s something we never forget. Whether this is your first time booking a chartered trip or something you’ve done for 25 years, your satisfaction is our priority. Communication is key, so please feel free to let us know how he can make your trip a better one. Keep in mind that fishing does require patience and sometimes the fish don’t cooperate, but it’s usually just a matter of time until reels start screaming.

Cell Phone. Make sure your phone is completely charged to communicate with family or hotel for pick up.  Also, you’ll want to take plenty of pictures and video of your catch. Especially during the epic fight it put up. One free tip? Switching your phone into AIRPLANE MODE will save battery life.

Going offshore? Prepare to relax for a while. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours to reach the prime fishing grounds (depending on the season/time of day).  Fish move based on many factors and we move with them. And our boats are blue tooth ready for you to hook your phone up to which adds just the right mood heading to and from the hot spots. Just let the DJ know your preference!

Don’t bring any valuables that you cannot afford to lose.  The boat has a small dry bag that can be used to store personal items such as phones, wallets or keys. However, we are not responsible for any personal items that may fly off the boat, get wet or suffer any other form of damage.

Communicate your travel plans to Captain Travis. It happens more than you think—we hit a school of fish on our way back to the dock and, locked in the moment of intense battle with a trophy fish, flights are eventually missed. That’s why we suggest setting a time you must be back at the marina in order to avoid flying standby, canceling dinner reservations in or breaking other commitments. Also its always good to be flexible with your dates that you want to head out on the water because sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate and if you are flexible, we can always go a couple days earlier or later.  This will increase the chance of having a nice and successful day on the boat.

We’ll handle the cleanup later. After arriving back at the dock, please check to make sure you have all your belongings. Please do not feel obligated to help clean up the boat. That’s our job and we’re happy to do it.

We’ll also clean your fish. We will prepare your fish to be cooked at your hotel or restaurant of choice free of charge. There is an excellent restaurant at the Marina where they will cook your catch, it's called Entre Muelle and its an excellent place to wind down after a day of fishing.  Sit back and crack open a cold beer and see what the other boats are bringing in.  It is important to check with your hotel before departure if they will cook the fish for you.  Some will and some wont.  Most restaurants will cook your catch for you just ask us for some recommendations on where to go.

Fish Shipping. If you want to ship your fish back home, we can help with that too. The fish will need to be vacuum sealed and you will need to purchase a small ice chest to check in with your bags.  Additional fees will apply for preparing fish for air transit and always be sure to check your countries customs regulations as well as your airlines guidelines for transporting frozen fish. We recommend avoiding this hassle and take your fresh fish to cook the same day, nothing beats that!

Fishing Seasons and Targeted Species 

What are we going to catch? Targeted species etc..
 The kind of fish that we catch change day to day and month by month.  We can catch all species all year round including Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, King Mackerel, Black Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Trigger Fish and more!

  • Dec-March is the best trolling season but this comes along with high winds and high seas which leads to a lot of cancellations due to port closure and rough seas. However,  this is Sail Fish season and thats what we will be targeting mostly, (weather permitting) during sailfish season we can also catch king mackerel and huge Bonitos and a Mahi-Mahi here and there. Cancun has world class sailfish fishing and many come here just for the high action and excitement of catching trophy sailfish. 

  • Summer Time - (May-Nov) We have flat seas and calm weather which allows us to fish almost everyday... Mahi-Mahi and Black Fin Tuna are common this time of year but we can litterally catch anything, and thats the beauty of offshore fishing in Cancun.  Anything Could Happen.



Weather Patterns

     Check Current Weather Forecast. Fishing and weather go hand in hand and knowing the seasonal changes helps us to not only prepare but to target the fish that are most likely to be biting.  High winds means rough seas and rough seas means no fishing...  Look at the chart below to see what the average wind speed will be during your visit to Cancun. The months June-October is a good time to come if you want to increase your odds of getting out on the water and to enjoy flat seas and low winds.  But don't think this is the only time to come for good fishing. 

     Here in Cancun we enjoy year round fishing, its just that in the summer months we have more opportunities to get offshore with good weather.  Winter time is a bit windy and rough but thats when the Sailfish are here.  However, there are some beautiful days of fishing to be had even in the windy season.  

So, how does this effect your fishing trip?  Weather is generally unpredictable more than 2 weeks out and we cant confirm that the weather will be good enough to go out sometimes until the day before your fishing trip is scheduled. 

     It's important to communicate with us at least 3 days before the trip to see what the weather is looking like.  Being flexible with your dates will help increase the odds of getting out on the water and having a good day. 

Port Authority and Port Closure

Here in Cancun we have a Port Authority that is in charge of the safety of all vessels, if the weather is bad enough, the Port Authority closes the port to all recreational boating for vessels under 43ft.

Wind Speed Cancun.png

Booking, Reservations & Cancellation Policies

Securing your reservation.  In order to secure your reservation and make sure you get the day you choose, we require a 50% deposit of the total trip cost to be paid in advance.  You can go back to the home page and book online.  All of our boats have Real-Time Availability with Easy and Secured Online Booking. Deposits are 50% of the total trip cost. You will receive an automatic booking confirmation after deposit is received.  The remaining balance can be paid in cash once you arrive to the marina or if you want to pay balance with credit card there will be a 5% fee for payment processing. 

Refund Policy.  We uphold a strict refund policy to protect our clients and team members both.  Planning a fishing charter takes time and attention to detail.  It also costs money to prepare the boat, bait, drinks as well as to secure Captains, Deckhands or Mates to make sure we are fully prepared to get you on those fish! 


1. Deposits are refundable due to cancellations because of Port Closure (more info on Port Closure) due to foul weather conditions. (The weather can still be rough but if the port is open, the trip will remain on schedule but ultimately will be up to the Captain to cancel the trip for bad weather for everyones safety.) CLICK HERE for more info about weather and how it can effect your trip. 

* If the port is closed, you can still go fishing inshore, MORE INFO HERE 

2. Also, you will receive full refund if the trip is cancelled due to an issue with the boat.  Boats sometimes need emergency repairs and last minute issues can arise. 

3. You will have up to 7 days before the trip to cancel for any personal reasons and you will be refunded in full minus 10% of total trip cost. 


1. Cancellations less than 7 days before your trip are non-refundable. 

2. If you don't show up for your trip, you will not be issued a refund. (NO SHOW, NO REFUND)


So what about tipping?  We try to keep our charter prices low and in doing so, there isn't always a lot to go around after all expenses are paid.  The Captain and Deckhand work hard to ensure your trip is perfect and tipping is greatly appreciated.  Just like a restaurant, 20% for a good job or more if you want to help us take our ladies to a nice dinner! We are working hard long before and after your fishing trip. A 6 hour charter usually requires about 10 hours of work in preparation, charter time, break down, cleaning and storage.