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Excursion Transportation

Where Your Adventure Begins!

We got you covered for all of your transportation needs while going on a Fishing Trip, Yacht or Catamaran Charter and more!

I offer convenient round-trip transportation for an additional fee. This service includes a hassle-free transfer from your hotel to the marina, coordinated by my Team to ensure a smooth start to your fishing adventure. More details below…

*If you do not require my transport service, a google map link with arrival instructions to the marina will be in your confirmation email.

Price Estimates (One-way) 12 People

Within Hotel Zone – $45 (for ex. if your Hotel and Boat Marina are both located in the “Hotel Zone”

Hotel Zone to Puerto Juarez – $45 – $55 USD

Playa/Costa Mujeres to Puerto Juarez – $45 USD

Playa/Costa Mujeres to Hotel Zone – $50 USD

Puerto Morelos to Hotel Zone – $65 USD

Playa Del Carmen to Hotel Zone – $85 USD


Pros of Using Travis’ Pre-Arranged Transportation:

  1. Familiarity and Efficiency: Don Chingon Charters uses the same drivers regularly, ensuring they are well-acquainted with the location of the boats and the marina, making your journey hassle-free.
  2. Fixed Pricing: The cost for transportation is predetermined, eliminating the need to negotiate fares or face unexpected price hikes.
  3. Convenience: Opting for Travis’ service removes the stress of locating the marina and dealing with unpredictable taxi fares. This “Convenience Factor” might result in a slightly higher cost (about 15%-20% more), but it provides peace of mind and ease of travel.
  4. Communication and Coordination: The service allows for direct communication with Travis for any changes in schedule or special requests, enhancing the flexibility of your travel plans.

Cons of Using Travis’ Pre-Arranged Transportation:

We use a third party transportation company which means that the driver has additional pickups and drop-offs therefore, last minute changes to the original schedule can be challenging.

  1.  Strict Scheduling: The drivers adhere to a tight schedule. Any deviation from your planned return time without prior notification may lead to missing your ride and still being responsible for the transportation fee.
  2. Potential Additional Costs: If you return early or late due to reasons like extended fishing time, dining at the marina, or seasickness, you might have to pay for the pre-arranged transport and also find alternative transportation back to your hotel.  We will do our best to reschedule your transport but you may experience delays due to last minute changes.
  3. Responsibility for Coordination: If your plans change (returning early or late), it’s your responsibility to inform Travis or the captain to adjust the pickup time. Failure to communicate effectively can lead to inconveniences and additional expenses.

Flexibility in Scheduling: We strive to accommodate changes when possible, but it’s your responsibility to communicate any early or late returns to Travis or instruct the captain to do so. This allows us to attempt to adjust the pick-up time with the driver, ensuring a smoother experience.

Additional Information:

  • Transportation Request Process: After booking your charter, you’ll receive a link to request transportation. Fill out the form, and Travis will provide a quote.
  • Payment For Transportation: Our transportation services are provided through a third-party transport company. As a result, Don Chingon Charters does not accept payment for this portion of your trip.  The driver will require payment in cash for the round-trip service at the time of your morning pick-up.
  • Hotel Coordination: Upon hotel check-in, inform Travis of your pickup location and room number for security purposes and to facilitate smooth pickup by the driver. * Some big hotels have multiple lobby’s, be sure to let us know which lobby you are at.


  • Be Proactive in Communication: To ensure a smooth experience, keep Travis and your Captain informed of any changes in your plans or schedule. This proactive approach will help in adjusting transportation arrangements accordingly and avoiding any misunderstandings or additional costs.

VERY IMPORTANT: Adhering to Your Scheduled Pick-Up Time

When you pre-arrange your return trip with Travis, it’s crucial to be punctual for your scheduled pick-up. Our drivers follow a strict schedule, and last-minute changes can lead to missing your pick-up time. Here are some scenarios where you might miss your pre-arranged transportation back to your hotel:

  1. Delayed Return to the Dock: Sometimes, the captain may offer extra time if the fishing is slow. Be aware this could affect your scheduled pick-up.
  2. Dining at the Marina Restaurant: If you plan to eat your catch at the Marina Restaurant and haven’t informed us in advance, this could delay your return.
  3. Waiting for Fish Cleaning: Time spent waiting for your fish to be cleaned may also delay you.
  4. Early Return Due to Seasickness: If seasickness prompts an early return, the driver might not be available immediately, necessitating a wait at the marina or the use of a taxi or Uber.

For instance, on a 6-hour excursion planned from 7 am to 1 pm, our transportation will be available for pick-up between 1 pm and 1:30 pm. It’s important to be at the agreed-upon pick-up spot within this window.  We will do our best to adjust Failing to do so may result in missing your arranged transport. In such cases, you will still be obligated to cover the transportation fee and will need to arrange alternative means to return to your hotel, while also bearing the cost of the pre-arranged round-trip service.


Fill out the Transportation Request Below to get started!

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