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a man standing next to a body of water

If you are looking for a little fishing action from shore in Cancun or Isla Mujeres, this article will give you some tips and advice on what to do.

Some species you could catch from the shore here include barracuda, jacks, snook, pompaano, needle fish, blue runner, yellow tail snapper, sand perch.


Catching Live Bait

Here, the most common and easiest bait to catch is Blue Runner. I recommend using some light tackle spinning reel setup, casting a sibiki rig with small hooks and a small weight at the end of the Sabiki Rig and kind of jig it and pull it along the surface of the water. Once you feel something on your line, just feel it in slowly, don’t set the hook… If you reel it in slowly, the school will follow and you could possibly hook up with multiple on your line. Just watch out for the barracuda when pulling in your line with Blue Runners on it or they’ll attack you’ll lose your whole rig. One time I hooked a 30# barracuda in its eye socket with a sabiki rig and 12# test line and I actually landed the fish! An incredible moment!

How to Catch Barracuda From Shore

There are many different ways to catch Barracuda from shore from the beaches of Cancun.
1. If you have caught a live Blue Runner already you can rig it up on a steal/cable leader with a size 7-8 circle hook.  I like to match my leaders and hook size to my bait so for example if I catch a large Blue Runner, a like to use a Stinger Rig with wire leader.

Stinger Rig

  However, we have better luck landing more quantity of smaller/medium sized barracuda with live bait on a size 7-8 circle hook when using heavy fluorocarbon leader like 50-70#s.  The fluorocarbon is invisible in the water and it doesn’t scare the fish so they’ll bite, using cable/wire leader can be effective with bigger baits for bigger barracuda but sometimes they won’t bite with the cable leader so… you just have to try different things if you want to try out the method.

Another way to catch some smaller fish would be to just snatch a few shrimp from the salad bar at your hotel and cut them into small bits and put in on the hooks. Cast out with light tackle as possible and let it slowing sink before slowly retrieving. You can also reel it in quicker and keep the bait and rig at the surface and you could catch a blue runner like that also.


I would try soft plastics with a  jig heads and bounce it off the bottom… Not only could you catch snook but other species as well. Spoons and rápalas may work also but you May lose a few to Barracudas but you could also land them if you have a good hook set in the corner of their mouth.   I recommend to use a florocarbon leader maybe 30-40 lb test maybe stronger.

(More info Coming Soon)